Trouble-Shooting FAQ

Trouble-Shooting FAQ for frequent issues that happen after downloading the Pepega Mod.

My Game Crashes when I load a new save file!
Delete the “scripts” folder in the game directory then copy the “scripts” folder from the download into the game directory

I started the Story but I can’t buy any Cars in the Carlot after the Prologue!
This most likely happened because you did not create an ENTIERLY new Save/Alias. The Game checks the available cars on Save/Alias creation. Old Save files won’t work due to that.

The pepegaInstaller.vbs shows an “Access Denied” Error!
Check if your Most Wanted Game folder is set to read only. Change it if it’s set to read only. Another option would be to reinstalling the game to another drive or directory. (outside of Program Files)

Even after waiting nothing happens when using the pepegaInstaller.vbs and manualpepegaInstaller.vbs!
Some PC’s might block the .vbs files. Refer to the included readme file and use Option 2 or 3 and just skip over the .vbs files. 

My cutscenes don’t load/I’m still seeing the old cutscenes!
Press the start button, type “regedit” without the “, open it. Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\EA Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted then set Language to English UK, Locale to en_uk, Region to Europe.
I don’t have that folder under regedit?
If for some reason you get the error that the Registry Entries are missing or something similar, this could be a quick fix for it.

1) First copy everything inside the Files folder of the Pepega Mod.rar file into your game folder, and if it asks about replacing press yes.
2) Then in your game folder, delete the MOVIES and scripts folder entirely. 3) Then copy the MOVIES folder and the “scripts” folder from the Pepega Mod.rar and paste them to your game folder.
4) Lastly put changeMoviesRegion.vbs into the main game folder (same folder that has speed.exe) and run it.
Once done, you should see a message that tells you the MOVIES have been renamed. Now start the game and check if the Videos play.

Nothing happens when using changeMoviesRegion.vbs!
Check the content of your Movies folder. Should the files include “pal” then rename “pal to “ntsc”. Other way around works the same. Just replace “ntsc” with “pal” in that case. Make sure you are renaming the new Movie Files from the Pepega Mod. (Original Files should have creation dates around 2005)

How do I change my NFSMostWanted resolution?
Look for the WidescreenFix.ini file under scripts. Open it with Notepad and look for 2 specific lines. ResX which is your Horizontal Resolution and ResY which is your Vertical Resolution. So if your screen is 1080p just set ResX to 1920 and ResY to 1080.