BLUESUEDESHOES: All cars are blue.
BOAT: All cars are twice as heavy.
BOOMERMODE: Toggles a black & white filter.
BSPEC: Player car is controlled by AI.
DISCORD: You’re invited to join our Discord server!
DONATE: Our mods will always be free, but any donation is highly appreciated. Thank you!
DORATHEEXPLORER: All player cars are off-roaders.
EMOTIONALDAMAGE: All player cars have heavy damage by default.
EVERYONEISPOOR: All cars are replaced with cheap cars.
EVERYONEISRANDOM: All cars are replaced with random cars.
EVERYONEISRICH: All cars are replaced with expensive cars.
FIRESALE: All cars are available in the car lot for half the price for the next 5 minutes!
GASGUZZLER: Player car has a lot more torque.
GESUNDHEIT: Player car cannot be totalled.
GHOSTTOWN: Races have no opponents.
HEREWEGOAGAIN: All races have only 1 heat.
INEEDSOMEHELP: Grants the player $250k.
KETODIET: All cars are twice as light.
KILLSWITCH: Lets player total all AI cars by pressing DELETE.
LOOTBOX: A reward has been delivered to your safe house.
M3GTRALLTHINGS: All cars have transmission whine.
MOONOVERTHECASTLE: Toggles Gran Turismo sound effects.
NAKEDGLOW: Toggles Ridge Racer sound effects.
NICEPISSSTRIPES: Toggles the visual treatment effect from MW’05.
NINJATOWN: All cars are invisible and pass-through.
OHKO: Makes any damage total a car.
ONLYFANS.COM: Hot Turkish action for 1000 Lira/month!
PAGENOTFOUND: The page you were looking for doesn’t exist!
PEPEGA: Some textures are replaced with the Pepega emote.
PORNHUB.COM: Angry yelling German has fun with a 16 year-old game!
ROCKETMAN: Player can jump by pressing SPACEBAR.
SAVETHEEARTH: Player cannot use nitrous.
SHROOM: Player can control car speed with PAGE UP/DOWN.
SPEEDFREAK: Player has infinite nitrous bottles.
STACCEDBOI: All AI cars stack on top of each other.
TESLAALLTHINGS: All cars have electric engine sounds.
TWISTEDMETAL: Liquid and twisted car models.
UBERALLES: Player car has infinite collision force.
YEET: All cars ignore gravity while in air.


24H OF SWEATING: Win an Endurance event.
BARNFIND: Find all car wrecks on the Autobahn.
Reward: (Car) The Golf is Better + Adds it to the car lot
BERND ROSEMEYER: Reach 400km/h in a stock Auto Union Type C Streamliner or Mercedes W125.
Unlocks cheat code: BOOMERMODE
Reward: (Car) Benz Patent Motorwagen + Adds it to the car lot

BROKE: Have less than 100 cash in your bank.
Unlocks cheat code: INEEDSOMEHELP
CAKE WALK: Win a race with a lead of 10 seconds
Unlocks cheat code: GHOSTTOWN
CAPTAIN SLOW: Win a race in the Benz Patent Motorwagen.
Unlocks cheat code: BSPEC
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Win a Drag Challenge event.
Unlocks cheat code: GASGUZZLER
CONTRACT CANCELLED: Beat all of Lando’s point records in the career.
Unlocks cheat code: EVERYONEISRICH
Reward: (Car) McLaren MCL34 + Adds it to the car lot

DA BA DEE: Own all Corvettes.
Unlocks cheat code: BLUESUEDESHOES
DARWIN AWARD: Pay 1 million in repair costs.
Unlocks cheat code: OHKO
Reward: (Car) Mitsubishi Evo X R4 + Adds it to the car lot

DONE DIRTY CLEANLY: Beat the Top Gear Crew in a Tesla.
Unlocks cheat code: TESLAALLTHINGS
DRAG KING: Beat the drag king.
DRIFT KING: Beat the drift king.
EARLY BIRD: Play Prostreet Pepega Edition on release.
FINE, IT’S YOURS: Attempt to buy a locked car 10 times in a row.
Reward: (Car) TP Lock + Adds it to the car lot
FOR THE FAMILY: Find all car wrecks in Fukushima.
Reward: (Car) Dodge Family Car + Adds it to the car lot
GAME OVER: Total all of your 5 cars in a single raceday.
Unlocks cheat code: KILLSWITCH
GET WASTED: Total your car.
Unlocks cheat code: EVERYONEISPOOR
Reward: 5x Total Markers

GRIP KING: Beat the grip king.
HEIR TO THE THRONE: Beat the third showdown.
HISTORY REPEATS: Beat Darius in a silver BMW M3 GTR ALMS.
Unlocks cheat code: M3GTRALLTHINGS
IF IT AIN’T BROKE…: Beat the career mode without repairs.
Unlocks cheat code: GESUNDHEIT
IS IT 2022 YET?: Find all car wrecks on the Nevada Highway.
Unlocks cheat code: SAVETHEEARTH
JAY LENO: Have 40 purchased cars at your garage.
Unlocks cheat code: FIRESALE
LICENSE TEST PASSED: Beat the ‘Gran Turismo Challenge’ raceday.
Unlocks cheat code: MOONOVERTHECASTLE
LIGHTS OUT: Wreck the pace car in the ‘Gran Turismo Challenge’ raceday.
Unlocks cheat code: UBERALLES
Reward: (Car) Nissan Skyline R34 Pace Car

MAKING A NAME: Beat the second showdown.
MOST WANTED: Beat a Hotshot Lackey in a Java Car.
Unlocks cheat code: PEPEGA
MR. WORLDWIDE: Visit all locations at least once.
OUT ON THE TRACK: Beat the first showdown.
Unlocks: Stage 3 Upgrades
PLAYER: Play the Prostreet Pepega Edition.
Unlocks cheat code: SPEEDFREAK
RICHARD HAMMOND MOMENT: Flip a car and survive.
Unlocks cheat code: ROCKETMAN
SHOW’S OVER: Beat every race day in the career mode (100% completion).
SPEED KING: Beat the speed king.
STREET KING: Beat all Kings.
SUPERVAN SUPERMAN: Beat Lando Norris using a Racing Van.
Unlocks cheat code: TANKMODE
TDU PLAYER: Find all car wrecks.
Unlocks cheat code: DORATHEEXPLORER
Reward: 500k Money

THE FAST: Hit a sub-7 seconds quarter mile.
Unlocks cheat code: KETODIET
THE FURIOUS: Hold a wheelie for 400m.
Unlocks cheat code: YEET
THE OWNER: Beat the game.
THE TOP GEAR CHALLENGE: Blow your engine in all 3 heats of a Drag Tournament.
Unlocks cheat code: EMOTIONALDAMAGE
TNEMEVEIHCA: Cross the finish line in reverse in first place
Unlocks cheat code: TWISTEDMETAL
TRADE PAINT: Play dirty.
Unlocks cheat code: NAKEDGLOW
Reward: 5x Repair Markers

VERTICAL TAKEDOWN: Land on top of a car.
Unlocks cheat code: STACCEDBOI
WATCH OUT, TRAFFIC!: Hit an opponent head-on using a TP branded car.
Unlocks cheat code: NICEPISSSTRIPES
WE HAVE LIFT OFF: Perform a wheelie in the Suzuki Escudo on the Chicago Drag Strip.
Unlocks cheat code: SHROOM