Version 2 of the Pepega Mod is now available!
Check out the Download Page or find the Mod on
Below you can find some Preview Screenshots and Features split up according to each version of the Mod.

Pepega Mod Version 2

V2 Features

• New events on handmade, unique tracks – 95 in total!
• Three new Blacklist members
• Slightly altered storyline with new voice messages
• Increased payouts

Challenge Series
• 44 New Events for a total of 125! Some of these even feature new objectives!
• Many old events have been revamped with new cutscenes and other improvements

• 34 new and customizable cars for a total of 100 cars available at the car lot
• Several old cars have been remastered with enhanced visuals, customization, and more
• Improved engine sounds for old and new cars

• New customization options added: 39 new Rims, new Spoilers, Brakes and License Plates
• 69 unique liveries made by the community (nice)
• Several new decals
• Two new speedos, previous ones have been remastered

Car Types
• Unlimited Spec: These cars have unique customization options available such as roofs, head- and rear lights, interior and more!
• Drift Spec: The handling of these cars is designed for drifting! Pick them up separately in the car lot once unlocked.

• It’s Summer in Cockport! Enjoy luscious vegetation and more colors which make for a new driving experience!
• More easter eggs placed throughout the districts

• One new Heat Level
• 14 new music tracks (optional)
• New UI colors (optional)
• Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
• Higher quality textures overall

V2 Download

Pepega Mod Version 1.1 (Legacy Edition)

V1 Features

  • Overhauled Story mode
  • Custom Story and Challenge Series Cutscenes
  • 15 new Bosses with custom Cars, Cutscenes and Flavor Text
  • 50 Cars are available for purchase and customization
  • Additional Vinyls and Decals available in the customization options
  • Exclusive and Special Cars in the Bonus Cars for Quick Race
  • Entirely new Challenge Series with 75 new Challenges to beat
  • New Police Colors, Cars and Heat Levels
  • Memes and little Details on almost every corner of the Map
  • Updated Game Lighting and Colors

Legacy Version Download