NFS:ProStreet Pepega Version 1.1 – Release

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– Point distribution has been increased across the board. You should now be able to beat track records and dominate all race days.
– Common crashes regarding reward cars, like when changing blueprints or applying upgrades, have been fixed
– Collecting all car wrecks in a location now adds the car to the garage as intended. If you have already collected all car wrecks in a location, the car will be automatically added to your garage – Unintentional and broken in-game cutscenes have been removed
– Cash distribution has seen some changes. You now earn more cash in chapter 1, but cash exploits in later chapters have been adjusted
– Beating any King now only adds their car to the garage
– Chapter 1 opponents driving the Polonez, Aztek and 126P have been nerfed
– Peak Performance’s announcer is now more audible
– Performing drivetrain swaps during race days has been disabled to prevent save file corruption
– Enabling cheats no longer disables achievements – The “Early Bird” achievement is still unlockable today only
– Various other fixes in terms of car models, sound, textures and more
– We have added name plates above opponents (like in LAN races), you can disable them in the new “Preferances” tab in the Pepega Menu – Keyboard users can now use the freelook camera by holding down the right mouse button
– Added minimaps to races that were previously missing them
– Extended display options (borderless fullscreen, borderless window scaled and borderless stretched)
– If you have issues with visual filters not working, go to Pepega Menu > Preferences and turn off “Custom Shaders”

On transferring your save files: You can continue using your existing save files of PS:PE 1.01 and actually beat the game with this new copy. But generally, to make sure every fix works, we still recommend to create a new save file. If you are far into the game and wish to transfer your save file regardless, you want to move your SAVE_PE folder from your old Pepega Mod install into the new one.