BASE MOD (Always necessary!)

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Halloween Update +
1.01 Hotfix

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Check here.


Read the included Readme File. Both the Base Mod and the 1.01 Hotfix have separate Readme Files.


What is the Pepega Mod V1? The Pepega Edition is a mod for Need for Speed Most Wanted that adds a bunch of memes and funny elements into the game.
What does the mod change/add?
Pretty much everything including cars, textures, text, music, sounds and many other things. You will be able to play through a completely different career and challenge series as well as find a lot of changes within the game world along with completely new content!
What are the system requirements to run this mod? Can your PC already run Most Wanted? If so, then you’ll have no problems running this mod.
What game version do I need?
Due to the use of scripts such as Extra Options by nlgzrgn, you need version 1.3 of the game to play this mod.
Where will I be able to download the mod?
This is the Legacy Version of the Pepega Mod and its only available on GDrive, Mega and MediaFire linked above.